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Scott Ahlsmith

Scott Ahlsmith

While honoring the terms of a non-competition agreement (which a friend termed “gainful unemployment”), Scott has scratched his entrepreneurial itch through his passion for helping others enjoy and explore the intricacies of wine. By fostering new relationships between consumers and wineries and helping wine enthusiasts better understand their palates’ preferences, Vinforia  is able match those preferences to specific vintage and label recommendations. Additionally, these data provide restaurants, wineries and wine clubs with access to new consumers whose palates align with a winery’s product portfolio.

At Vinforia we help small wineries build their brand and increase their  DTC (Direct to Consumers) sales, by crafting compelling “stories” told through orchestrated campaigns to like-minded consumers using email, data analytics, mobile, social and web  channels.

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  1. Scott,
    Trying to reach you to set-up a meeting in Seattle the week of January 25. Can you email or call me at 503-270-5853? Thanks
    Randy Goodrich
    Passport Online

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